Two part question:

1: Your blog sucks
2: Fuck you

And my answer comes in two parts

Don’t read it.
And stop being such a fucking cunt. I understand I’m not everyone’s cup of tea or snort of coke, but honestly, get over yourself.

It’s not like you’re going to make me stop writing or try to kill myself.

Because then I’d be just like you. A cunt.


Friday- Rebecca Black

Lookin’ forward to the wee-eekend.

La Mer (Beyond the Sea)
Bobby Darin


La Mer (Beyond the Sea) - Bobby Darin

I really enjoy this version

Just had to.

I mean, it’s BIOSHOCK. AND Bobby Darin

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If you love your mom, repost this. One girl didn’t and her mom died 4 days later.




THE AMOUNT OF NOTES. <3 i’ve reblogged so many times lol NOT RISKING IT FUCK YOU

I did it because I LOVE MY MUM. Not because of stupid chain mail

I do this because I’m paranoid as fuck, and whenever I see it on my dash and don’t reblog it i feel bad and guilty. i hate whoever made this post.


I hate you. I’m like super paranoid cause I love my mom.

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Well, it finally arrived.

My inspiration, that is.

I finally managed to tap into that dark part of me that is always there, yet never says anything. Kind of like the tint on a lens. Never OBVIOUS, but still tints the way you see things.

And so I started writing.

And I managed a whole short story too! But then I showed it to my mom and she said, “He’s not unlikeable enough for you to kill him. Maybe just a psychotic break?” Which is what I was thinking if the death didn’t make enough sense. So I have to rewrite the entire last half of the thing, trying to come up with a better suitable death. I will never give in! It’s absolutely imperative that he dies. It’s really a matter of sanity here.

If you’re wondering where in the world this inspiration struck, it was none other than the waiting room. 

Well, it started on Thursday, with me waiting in the counselling office, with the people ahead of me taking so much time, I decided to get started on my very first piece of homework for the trimester, which was for Creative Writing. So I managed to write three whole pages that day, and I have to say, it was quite entertaining. Though it was a bit comic-bookey, having to do with the main character (based on a student in the class we had to interview and ask three arbitrary and out there questions) being a time-lord. I really couldn’t resist.

And then arrived Friday, me being taken out 6 precious minutes before my Creative Writing class ended, only to get a dumb sports physical that really only lasted about as long as an episode of Hetalia. But what really annoyed me was the fact that for those measly 10 minutes of time with the doctor, it took nearly 2 hours of waiting. And so my inspiration had struck.

Since I had nothing to write with in the waiting room, I decided to start reading The Picture of Dorian Gray. Great book, it really is. Though I have to say that the wording in itself is quite an interesting thing. It’s so… flowery. Much akin to Victorian wallpaper. But beautiful nonetheless. 

I’m currently leaving the waiting room story alone, trying to give my mind some time to figure out how in the world I’m going to legitimately kill him. I mean, it’s not like I want some convenient knife to turn while he trips (which is actually what originally happened. but who brings knives to the dentist?). I want a more grounded and realistic approach to this.

I then started another story. Looks innocent enough. Until I start pouring out the whole “evil ‘inanimate’ objects” on it. But that looks like it’s going to be a problem. I’m not used to seeing clothing influence a teenage girl, much less communicate and threaten one.

Well, I’m off to go find out some info on the great gay Oscar Wilde,

-The Captain.

So the new trimester has begun


I mean, here I have Brit Lit B, Creative Writing, Intro to Indesign, and two other classes that don’t really matter! (Well, I mean, it’s not like I’m going to do math when I write. And since I’m such an anglophile, I highly doubt I’ll need to know french.)

And so I walk into Brit Lit and the teacher’s all like, “I have an assignment for you all!”

Research paper. We have to choose an author and a work to read and dissect.

Me? I chose Oscar Wilde and The Picture of Dorian Gray.

My teacher was like, “Well, no one really does that one!” and she smiled.

I felt super-original.

So then 2nd hour came. Creative Writing!

And it’s alright, I guess.

But I really do love it. Like, really.

Well, I’m off to do some work,

-The Captain

Me, and yet, not me

Personally, I’m thinking I should just screw everything I’ve ever written on this blog and turn it into something I can barely stand.

Something all photo-ey and GIF-ey and not me.

I mean, I would totally be posting more. 

It’s just, I wouldn’t be posting me me. I mean, yes it would be me and all, it’s just that all that me would be all short, and brief and superficial, which is me anyway, but I wanted to indulge the deeper part of me, which kind outweighs that superficial part, but I don’t know….

Would any of y’all get all pissy or anything if I just deleted or made all my previous posts private?

Well Blow Me Over

Seriously, if a hamster blew on me right now, I’d probably fall over.

And die.

So maybe I should like… I don’t know.


Try to fix my life again.

Well, I’m off to save my world,

-The Captain.

So I still haven’t gotten around to doing anything productive

I blame Snowpocalypse.

Although, I have written an… article? Called 4 reasons koalas will one day rule the world.

I’m super proud.

But I think this blog isn’t… that.

I mean, this blog is me, and so is the article, but they don’t mix. You know?

So I think I’ll make one that is me and that article.

And I’ll write crappy romance and zombie stories on it too.

Because I’m just that ghey.

I’ve made a new playlist that I hope comes in handy soon.

I called it Adventure Music.

I’m planning on accidentally finding myself in an adventure filled with peril, action, and hopefully some ninjas.

Definitely ninjas.

Well, I’m off to go do menial tasks and eventually watch the Super Bowl,

-The Captain

Feeling Totally Useless

Lately, I haven’t been able to write anything of actual substance.

I am writing a story though.

And it’s about none other than the zombie apocalypse.

Started writing it a couple weeks back, and I’ve finally got back around to it again. I’ve finally BEAT MY WRITER’S BLOCK. Talk about an accomplishment.

Today I went shopping. At the mall. I like the crowded ones, not the ones that make you feel like the clerk is so bored, they turned into a zombie.

I’m going to admit it now. I like shopping.

Especially shoe shopping. Got my first pair of Dr Martens, some pants, a coat, jewelry, wristwarmers, some shirts, AND A BATMAN LUNCHBOX.

Yes, I’m still a kid on the inside.

And technically, the outside too.

Well, I think I’ll post up the first chapter of my beautiful baby on Wattpad within the next day.

And thanks to Snowpocalypse, I’ll have had a 5 day weekend come Monday.

Well, I’m off to go listen to my new music,

-The Captain

So I just saw Inception for the first time last night.


And so now I’m all like, “Well, if it were a dream, what would be the point of putting him in it? So they can kill him?”

So my mind is currently on Inception mode right now.

I cannot be bothered with reality until I’ve figured it all out.